About Us

Dan and Ilene moved to Colorado Springs, CO in July of 2012 to attend college. Some may say; “you look kind of old to be starting college!” Maybe so, but we had a vision and a passion. Our passion is people and how we can help each one find their God given passion and potential!

As we embarked on this new adventure we started cleaning homes to supplement our income. Both of us are “clean freaks” and we enjoy a clean, uncluttered and an environmentally friendly place to come home to.

What we love most are the people we come in contact with, their children, their pets and their stories! Each one has a story to tell and it matters.

When we began cleaning it was not our intention to make a business out of it but it just started to evolve and grow. We’ve done cleaning for residential,¬†commercial and special events. Each one brings us in contact with more beautiful people and more referrals.

We started getting such fulfillment out of being able to create jobs for students, housewives and maybe YOU!

Blessed to be a blessing!

Dan and Ilene