I cannot speak highly enough of Ilene and Dan Carroll of Image Bearer Cleaners. When I initially met Ilene nearly two years ago, I sensed her outstanding integrity after only moments of chatting. Shortly thereafter, I met Dan and I easily formed the same impression. Both Ilene and Dan work with honesty, reliability, kindness, and flexibility. I am so pleased by their thoroughness in cleaning and look forward each week to a shiny, sparkly home that I also know is clean underneath. The service provided by Image Bearer Cleaners is outstanding and the trustworthiness of Dan and Ilene is beyond reproach. I recommend them to all without hesitation.


Peregrine neighborhood, Colorado Springs



One response to “Testimonial

  1. I have known Dan and Ilene for several years and was thrilled when I heard of their cleaning service that they provide. The entire experience is wonderful. There is nothing like coming home from work to a clean home. Dan and Ilene take pride in their work. They are trust worthy and caring people. I can’t thank them enough!
    Warmest regards,
    Colorado Springs, CO

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